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This review focuses on one of the carding stores that are well known in the darknet over the past few months. We came across a store called a week ago when we were online. Then we visited various forums and customer chats where many users discussed this carding shop. So we decided to tell our readers about this platform.

If you don't know anything about carding and want to try it for the first time, I'll let you know. Carding is a form of illegal business where some people steal credit card information and money transfers and sell it to other people for use. Both sellers who have stolen cc information and customers who come to such online stores to buy card data are cybercriminals. Sometimes web police catch them and punish them according to the law. Currently, however, it is not easy for police to detect this kind of hackers as they use cryptocurrency as a payment method.

This carding shop has a fairly light design and a simple interface. When you visit the site, you can easily navigate around the store without special assistance. Even a child will understand what to do there to get the goods. The catalog of available goods is placed on the main page of the site. Here are all the products that can be sorted by category. The three categories include fullz (cvv), money transfers and hardware. They all have a range of products that you can see by clicking on the name of each category. Also in a special section of the site there are several useful articles and guides on how to do carding and cashout. This supplier has done everything right to make customers feel comfortable.

The Fullz categories consists of cards' details that vary by issue country. There are card information of UK, USA, Japan, and Mix of random countries. Each pack consists of 5,10, or 30 items, the amount depends on the country. The prices are different from $150 to $240. Customers prefer to take USA and UK fullz(cvv). The Money transfer category includes different kinds of systems like Western Union flip, Paypal, and Cash App. Each product consists of three types of the money amount $1000, $2000, $5000 that cost $100, $200, and $500 respectively. And the third product category is hardware that helps to cashout from fullz. This vendors offers only two types of hardware that are ZCS160 Multifunctional credit card reader/writer and Ingenico iWL250 wireless POS skimmer. Indeed, there are many different equipment to make carding and cashout by yourself. If you are a newbie and don't understand how to use obtained cc data or transfer details, there is a manual in the following pack of each product. 

All the prices on the website are in dollars. But the only acceptable payment method is cryptocurrency. This method is safe for both parts of the deal: customers and vendors. It keeps personal information anonymous from each other. You will never know who paid for an order, as well as who received your money. The Darknet stores always use this payment method as only available. This store accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero cryptocurrencies. But you can meet other popular ones in other stores like Ethereum or Acryl, etc. In case you don't have any Bitcoin at your online wallet, you can easily obtain it by exchanging dollars for Bitcoin in a matter of minutes. There are a lot of platforms that exchange it for a minimal fee. Google it to learn more. 

To be sure if this web service is a good place for getting fullz, we found the whois information about It turned out this website was registered on March 2019 that is approximately a half year ago. But it is already quite popular among carding stores by now. Customers probably choose good service by following friends ' recommendations or rumors. We also checked the statistics of visiting this website: 1000-2000 users view this platform every day. This number is pretty high for such Darknet stores. Then we went to private forums to read reviews of former customers of this store. Surprisingly we found not only positive reviews but negative as well. People said that this website was a real scam. We got confused with such different opinions. Therefore, we ask you to share your experience if you have any. We want to remind you that carding and cashout with stolen or lost credit cards is not a legit business. It is better to earn money legally, doing some work or providing services. However, if you don't have the money and need it urgently, make sure your personal information is completely secure before you receive fullz, money transfers or carding equipment from this



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